Make the Most of “Leaf-Peeping” Season

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When the autumn air cools and the days grow shorter, travelers board planes, trains and automobiles and head for the countryside.  Their goal is to capture a riot of fall color as it spreads across the United States.  And it’s not just travelers on the hunt. Naturalists, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts also rush to take […]

Costa Rica Travel Advice: Everything You Need to Know

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Costa Rica is an amazing destination with an endless array of natural treasures.  There are many gorgeous beaches, lush rain forests, thundering waterfalls and wild creatures to fill your days. Preparation for everything from vaccinations to currency is essential to having a good trip. Here’s everything you need to know before taking your vacation in […]

Little Glass Bluebirds: A Mini Travel Memoir


There once was a small glass bluebird hanging above the deck at my grandparents’ “cabin” near the Snake River. Of all of the details I remember about this little Eisenhower-era two-bedroom trailer, this bluebird was always one of my favorites. As a child, I was lifted up on my father’s shoulders to touch the beautiful […]

Making Lake Powell Houseboat Memories

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Looking across the roof of the houseboat in the darkness, all I could see was a mass of sleeping bags and pillows. Just a minute before I had heard giggling, and had come up top to see what was keeping the children awake. Watching them in silence for a minute, I suddenly saw a small […]

How to Fly with Children: A Survivor’s Guide


While family vacations are fun, getting there and back again can sometimes be stressful. So, we’ve put together for you a few of my strategies for preparing for, surviving, and even enjoying a flight with children. Airline Policies Do you know the airline’s policies on flying with children? If not; this should be one of […]

Vacation in Keystone Colorado

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Some people wish for a vacation in Keystone Colorado that’s away from it all. And some want to be right in the heart of things. Decatur 1812 is uniquely able to satisfy both tastes, whether you crave solitude or adventure, or a healthy mix of both. Perched at approximately 9,200 feet Decatur 1812 is a large […]

rainy vacation

Making the Most of a Rainy Vacation


It had rained for three days straight, and the roads were beginning to flood. My husband and I and our three young children were trapped by an extended spring downpour in the most beautiful valley in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Here’s how our family survived a vacation “ruined” by rain. Making the Best […]

Caribbean Chocolate Lovers Vacations – Family Style

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As if dramatic mountain peaks, quiet volcanic beaches and endless summer weather aren’t enough, families visiting the Caribbean can also enjoy the fruits of the islands’ 200-year-old cocoa traditions. In fact, there is a thriving community of hotels, restaurants, spas and cafes dedicated to the cocoa industry. Dating back to the 1700s, from plantations throughout […]

Costa Rica Tours for Families

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Families love Costa Rica for its laid-back atmosphere, it’s exhilarating natural attractions, and it’s setting in paradise. There are more things to do in Costa Rica than you will have time for, whether you plan to stay two days or two weeks. A day tour is a great, family-friendly way to get the highlights into […]

Step Back in Time in the Black Hills Hynes Cabin


Step back in time to enjoy a taste of the simple life in the Black Hills Hynes Cabin of South Dakota. In the early 1920’s, the young Hynes Family followed a friend’s enthusiastic recommendation to drive to Black Hills of South Dakota, to see the “most beautiful valley in the world”. It was a long […]